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Just in case anyone didn't know, "The Village" is out on DVD now. So go buy it!! Don't stop, pass go, or collect $200. You *need* it. :)

More randomness - I took a survey and got a $5 Amazon gift certificate - woohoo! - so I ordered Christopher Durang: 27 Short Plays (Vol. 1 of the Collected Works). It came today...and I'm excited to read more, but also hoping I can be visual enough to really appreciate it. The other plays I've read seemed to be more "you have to see it" to get it.....but, anyhow, I was LMAO - because I'm reading the back...and the first review starts out normal enough, but by the end, I know something is up: "Hilarious and gleefully disturbing. Christopher Durang's writing is full of wit and mischief. I admire Durang. I venerate him. I left my husband for him! Help!" I was already laughing before I glanced to see who wrote it...I'll give you a guess. She's well-known for being quite pornerific. last bit for today - the new Tegan & Sara album "So Jealous" is awesome. So, they're doing pretty well. 2 of their 3 are need to buy it too. Acoustic guitars aren't that scary, people. B-r-o-a-d-e-n your horizons. ;)

Oh, yes - I also wanted to let you all know about this new CD subscription place that "MyPoints" directed me to - - you get 1 CD/month for $5.99 and can buy as many as you want at that price with free shipping. Seems like a pretty good deal (esp. for holiday giving and such). Check it out!

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Yay Durang!

'I call this one blue....cause it's blue'

Sigourney is hillarious!

I'll have to check out that yourmusic thing, and is that acoustic guitar comment aimed at me??? :D

Yep...gotta love her.

And, the acoustic guitar comment wasn't aimed *solely* at you - benzersiz could take a hint from it too. LOL.

Does she listen to my kind of music?

Actually, I have some acoustic music... I'll loan it to you next. I'll give you time to listen to what you have, though, so don't panic :D

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